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Welcome to the 2021-2022 AIP Science Fair. This page provides the necessary guidelines and tools for student success.  The AIP Science Fair is a 11 week scientific method process that culminates with student presentations. This assignment accounts for a total of 9 grades. The fair is for students in grades 1st-8th. All assignment submission must follow the guidelines below. Late submissions will receive 5 points off in addition to any reductions due to not following the guidelines. All assignments are to be completed at home. Parent participation is  highly  encourage however, the science project must demonstrate the students abilities and voice. Please review the guidelines, due dates, and materials required:

Process Begins: March 7, 2022

AIP Science Fair: May 16-17, 2022


Grades 1st-4th: Students in grades 1st-4th will submit all entries in a BLACK composition notebook. The front of the book should  have the student's name on the first line, 2021-2022 Science Fair on the second line, and grade on the third line. All entry sentences must be written on every other line and not cross the red margins. All titles should be centered, on the second line, and underlined. Sub-mission dates should be on the far right side in the MM/DD/YY format. Click below for an example of a 1st-4th grade notebook:

Grades 5th-8th: 

Student in grades 5th-8th will submit all ROUGH DRAFT entries on notebook paper. Rough draft entries will have titles underlined and centered at the top of the page. All sentences will be written on every other line. The students should be on the far right hand side of the page with date in the MM/DD/YY format underneath. Rough draft entries will be returned with corrections that should be implemented in the final submission notebook.


Students in grades 5th-8th will submit all FINAL entries as follows: in a BLACK 1/2 inch binder. All entries will be typed in 12 inch New Roman Times Font. The title page should have the students name (first line), AIP Science Fair 2021-2022 (second line), and grade (3rd line) centered in the middle of the page. Every page, except the title page, should be dated in the far right corner in the MM/DD/YY format. All titles should be centered and underlined. Click below for an example of a 5th-8th grade notebook: 

Project Selection/Question

Due: March 10, 2022

Students will choose 3 science experiment topics. After choosing topics, students will formulate a scientific question for each. Science topics must be grade appropriate. Students will submit topics to their teachers for review and approval for 1 of the topics to present to the fair.

Click below for science Project Ideas and Submission examples:

Research & Hypothesis

Due: March 21 , 2022

Research page: Once a topic has been approved, students will collect information about their topic.  This information will help students answer why their experiment did or did not work.  This information will provide added details about why it is important to know the results of your experiment, what you could do different next time or it may help you find out how this experiment could benefit others.  

1st-4th: Will write 1 paragraph (5 sentences) of research.

5th-8th: Will write 2 paragraphs (10 sentences) of research.


Hypothesis page:  After doing research, students will try to predict the answer to the problem. Another term for hypothesis is 'educated guess'.  Students will write the topic question and then provide 2-3 sentences on why or why they believe their project will or will note work based on their research.

Click below for examples of a Research Page and Hypothesis Page:


Due: April 13, 2022

This is the fun part! Students will now conduct their experiments to find out if their hypothesis is true!

Materials: Students will list all materials required to conduct their experiment.


Procedures: Students will list the procedure they followed to do their experiment. This should be labeled step by step in numerical order. Written steps should be so clear that someone else could repeat your experiment just by following your steps. 

Click below for an example of an Experiment Page:

Results & Conclusion

Due: May 3, 2022

Results Page: Students will record what happened during the experiment. Also known as 'data'. As students observe their experiment, they will need to record the progress of the experiment. Data can be whatever is observe about the experiment that may or may not change during the time of the experimentation. Experiments should be tested at least 2-3 times.


Conclusion Page: This is a statement of whether the hypothesis was right or not; if it wasn't right, why you think it turned out the way it did, and what you would do differently next time. 

Click below for an example of a Result Page and Conclusion Page:

The Project Board & Display

Due: May 13, 2022

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