Mrs. Jackson's Corner


Hello AIP Family,


I hope your long weekend was restful! First, I would like to thank all parents that attended our AIP Curriculum Night. We appreciate your interest in your student’s education and your desire to make pertinent connections with the teachers that engage them. Your attendance and sacrifice did not go unnoticed. We truly appreciate you! Next, I would like to provide just a few reminders as we “Fall Into September.” Last month, we reviewed previous concepts and introduced a few new concepts. September begins our deep dive into the academic standards for your student’s grade level according to the Georgia Standards. Parents, please remain informed of your student’s progress by reviewing concepts with them and checking homework. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your student’s teacher to schedule a meeting. Below are a few housekeeping notes and reminders:


9/7/22: Uniform Infractions begin this week. Parents have had 30 academic days to ensure uniforms are up to standard prior to the infraction date. Please review the link below for uniform standards:


9/8/22: Specials begin this week. If you have not completed payment for your Specials, please do so by this week. Students with outstanding Specials balances will not attend classes until the balance is paid. Please review your BW invoices.



9/9/22: Grandparents Day is this week! We have special treats for our Grand-Sweets! Click the link for more information:


9/16/22: Progress Reports, 9/16/22: AIP Clubs Begin, 9/19/22: PTA Zoom Meeting, 9/26/22: School Photos. Click the links for more information:


Late Students: Parents it is of utmost importance to have your students at school ON TIME. If the desire and expectation is for AIP to deliver quality education, we must have students settled in seats before the academic lesson time.  Please make a considerate effort to start your student’s learning day off right.


Snacks and Water Bottles: Each student should have 2 snacks (outside of lunch) and 2 water bottles daily. Students are in school for 8-10 hours a day. Children eat more than breakfast and lunch within this time frame when at home. Although we will have Brain Break Snack opportunities during the week, please be mindful that what your child consumes at home does not end when they attend school. Please make sure packed lunches and snacks are adequate for the amount of brain power your student uses daily. We ask that you lean toward more of the healthier snack options. Separate and inform your child about which options are for lunch and which options are for snack each morning. We thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.


Car Tags: In an effort to expedite pick-up, please hang your car tag so it is visible for staff. This will allow staff to call students prior to parents making it to the pick-up platform. Thank you for having your BW apps open and ready for scanning in the afternoon. There is a $2.00 cost for lost or additional tags. Please see the AIP Secretary for car tags.


September Lunch Menu:


Thank you for all you do and choosing AIP for your Angel to SOAR!!!



Mrs. Jackson

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