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Q: How much does it cost to attend AIP?

A: Please see the "tuition and fees" tab. All fees and tuition packages may be reviewed and calculated from this page.

Q: When does AIP begin billing for the upcoming academic year?

A: Families are automatically assessed a portion of the registration fees to hold their slot for the upcoming academic year.  The residual registration fees are assessed between the 3rd-4th week of June. The first tuition payment is due in July. *Please note fees are non-refundable and we do not bill in advance. All billing is set on a block cycle for the entire school. If you desire to apply a credit to your account, please see "How may I apply a credit on my account?"



Q: How is my financial account billed for tuition and fees at AIP?

A: All tuition and fees are build through the current approved financial accounting system. Invoice reminders are sent out either the day a charge is created or 1-2 days prior to an invoice due date. Fees are applied at various times based on the reason for the charge. The tuition cycle begins in July and ends in April. AIP has two options for billing: monthly and biannual. Families may apply credits to their financial accounts at anytime. Families may pay by connecting their financial accounts to their bank account or by adding a credit/debit card to their finical account. Transaction fees: Bank Transfers (ACH): 0.6% – with a new minimum fee of $0.25 and maximum of $2 (up from $0.60 per transaction) 

Credit/Debit Card: 2.95%.

Q: I have more that one child attending, will each child have a financial account?

A: AIP, unless otherwise directed by the financial responsible party, will place all tuition and fees under the youngest student. We do this in order to reduce the amount of transactions fees for AIP Families. If you would like tuition and fees applied under multiple students, please submit a message in the app so AIP Finance may set the accounts up in the desired format. 

Q: How may I apply a credit on my account?

A: Credits may be applied to your account by selecting the child's name that the account is under and then selecting "Other Amount." Please be sure to select the correct account. *Please note when an invoice is charged to an account, the invoice will automatically deduct from any credit that is on the account. The financial system is unable to differentiate invoices.

Q: I need a tax statement. How do I obtain one?

A: From a desktop computer, parents may logon to their financial account, set the desired from and to parameters, and print the tax statement. 

Q: If I have a question about an invoice charged to my account, whom do I contact?

A: For inquiries regarding financial accounts, families should send a message through the app or an email may be sent to *Please note AIP Finance will answer inquires within 24 business hours. If an inquiry requires more research, AIP Finance will send notification on the time required to provide an answer. 

Q: How much are late fees and when are they applied to financial accounts?

A: Late charges are $25.00. A late charge is applied the day after tuition is due and in 15 minute increments for pick up after 5:30pm. 

Q: What happens if I miss a tuition payment deadline?

A: In accordance with the AIP Tuition Contract and the AIP  Handbook, missed or late tuition payments are assessed a $25 late fee. Families are given 10 calendar days to pay the missed tuition payment. After 10 days, the student is suspended from AIP, without access to school work. After 15 days of delinquent payment, the student is terminated from AIP and an additional early withdrawal fee is assessed. We understand that private school education is a sacrifice. We ask that families reach out to AIP Finance, in advance, so proper mitigation may occur. 


Q: I am using scholarship funding, who is responsible for tuition payments to AIP?

A: AIP holds the financial responsible party accountable for all monies owed to AIP. Scholarships are awarded to families and not AIP. AIP is the education institution the financial responsible party has designated to receive the awarded funds. If a scholarship is placed on hold, reduced, or terminated, AIP will not contact the scholarship provider on be half of the awarded family. However, if the hold, reduction, or termination lies on AIP's administrative process, AIP will take mitigation measures. Families that are awarded scholarships that are attendance based will be responsible for the weeks AIP is not in session (Christmas and Spring breaks). 

Q: Does AIP offer scholarships?

A: No, at this time AIP does not offer scholarships. However, families may take advantage of scholarships offered by various vendors as well as discounts offered (see "tuition and fees" tab). Please contact AIP Finance to see what scholarships AIP may accept if your scholarship is not listed. 


Q: I am having trouble with my app, whom do I contact?

A: For technical issues concerning your app, please click the 3 bars located in the left corner. Then click on help. A designated company technician will assist you with your concern. AIP faculty and staff are not able to correct technical issues with the app. 

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