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Uniform grace period ends on 9/5/22. Uniform infractions will begin.


Uniform Source -Kennesaw,, 770-919-9967

  • All AIP Apparel

  • Middle School girls chapel  attire: plaid skirt/plain oxford shirt/cross tie/navy blazer

  • Middle School boys chapel attire: navy blazer

  • Elementary School girls chapel attire: plaid jumper/peter pan collared shirt with blue trim/AIP on left collar in blue

  • PE Uniforms are only available through this vendor

French Toast Online-

  •  Girls chapel uniforms & P.E. uniforms not available

  •  AIP Code: QS5CWSJ

Art of Embroidery--Arbor Place Mall, 678-458-4863 

  • Polo and Dress Shirt embroidery only

In-House P.E. T-shirt Embroidery:

  • Fall Order period is open from 10/3/22-10/19/22

  • Cost $5 per logo

  • Applied to Gildan brand shirts only (found at Hobby Lobby & Micheals)

  • All orders take 2 weeks to complete

  • Instructions:

    • Complete the order form:

    • Bring shirt(s) in a labeled bag with the following student information: full name & grade

    • In a labeled envelope, provide the exact amount, in cash, for the number of shirts in the bag 

    • Please drop the bag off with the AIP Secretary

K-Chanel & Company-

  • AIP Hoodies 

  • AIP P.E. Sweatshirts

  • Orders take 7-10 days

  • Orders may be picked up from the front office once complete


  • Gold Polo=white cross, blue writing

  • White Polo=gold cross, blue writing

  • Blue Polo=gold cross, white writing

*Dress shirts (same as white polo), Navy Blue Sweaters (same as blue polo)*


  • Monday-Dress for Success Uniform (chapel attire)

  • Tuesday-PE Uniform

  • Wednesday-AIP Polo & Khaki Bottoms

  • Thursday-AIP Polo & Khaki Bottoms

  • Friday- AIP Polo & Khaki Bottoms (Jean Fridays are $1)

Dress for Success Uniform (formerly known as chapel attire)

  • Elementary Girls- plaid jumper/white shirt-peter pan collar-blue trim-AIP label on left lapel/ navy-black-white stockings or tights/black shoes

  • Elementary Boys- white oxford shirt-AIP logo left side/khaki pants/black belt/black socks/plaid tie/black or brown shoes

  • Middle School Girls-plaid skirt/white oxford shirt-plaid cross tie/navy blue blazer/tights or knee length socks-black-navy-white/black or brown shoes

  • Middle School Boys- white oxford shirt-AIP logo left side/khaki pants/navy blazer/black belt/black socks/plaid tie/black or brown shoes

PE Uniforms (weather dependent)

  • All-grey sweatshirt, grey t-shirt, navy net shorts, navy sweatpants/ athletic sneakers 

Daily Uniform

  • Girls-polo shirt or AIP gear/khaki bottoms or jumper/brown or black shoes

  • Boys-polo shirt or AIP gear/khaki bottoms/brown or black shoes

Jean Fridays ($1, Start date TBD by administration)

  • Solid colored blue jeans/AIP polo or AIP gear/sneakers

Additional Authorized Apparel

  • Navy blue hoodie  (no logos)

  • Navy blue cardigan (with AIP logo)

  • Black or brown boots (girls only)

  • White thermals (shirt only)

  • Black leggings (girls, under skirts only)

Unauthorized Apparel

  • Hoodies, not described in the authorized section 

  • Leggings, Warm up pants, biking shorts, or sweatpants not mentioned above 

  • Hats, skullies, bandanas, scarves, or durags

Uniform Infractions

  • 1st Infraction-Warning

  • 2nd Infraction-$10.00

  • 3rd Infraction-$25.00 charge to student's account

  • 4th Infraction-Student sent home

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