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Tuition & Fees for 2023-2024 


The link below is for current AIP families returning to AIP. Accounts will be billed for $200 which must be paid order to retain slots. Please click the link below to sign-up.


The link below is for students that are enrolling as new students for the 2023-2024 school year. In order to complete this form, families must have already completed the mandatory school tour. If you have not completed the mandatory school tour, please use the contact number listed at the bottom of this page to set up a tour.  If your tour is complete, please click the link below to have your account created and to be billed for the applicable registration fees for the 2023-2024 school year.


Application Fee:

A one time fee of $25.00 is required for all new student application submissions.

Administration Fee:

A one time fee of $50.00 is required for all new student enrollment.

New Student Registration Fee: 

Includes books, supplies, and insurance cost   $325.00

Annual Re-enrollment Registration Fee:

Includes books, supplies, and insurance cost   $325.00

Early Bird Registration(returning student): $150.00 ($25 discount if paid by February 28th)


Non-Early Bird Registration: $200.00 (if paid after February 28th)


*Remaining Registration balance is due with the July 20th tuition payment:

    Early Bird Participants: owe a balance of $150 in July ($150 +$150=$300, $25 discount applied)

    Non-Early Bird Participants: owe a balance of $125 in July ($200 + $125= $325, no discount)

*All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable* 

****Reenrollment Form Must Be Completed with Payment ****

Annual Activity Fee:

K-3 - K-4    $250

K5-8th       $350

Includes ART, STEAM, Christian IMPACT, Physical Education, Language, & Music Production

Enrollment in AIP Specials is not optional. Activity Fees are broken up across either the 2-payment or 10-payment tuition options. Fees are added to the baseline tuition. Discounts for fees is not permitted.


K-3 & K-4     $7,300 (Discounts not applicable. State regulation requires K-3-K-4 students to be on the meal plan option)

Kindergarten - Eighth Grade (without meal plan)     $6,800 ($680/month)

Kindergarten - Eighth Grade (with meal plan)          $7,300 ($730/month)

Tuition Discounts

Families enrolling more than one student qualify for a tuition discount. 

Tuition for 2nd Child (without a meal plan)  $6,500 ($650/month)

Tuition for 2nd Child (with a meal plan)        $7,000 ($700/month)

*Brain breaks & Activity Fees are combined into monthly tuition (not reflected above)*

Families that recruit students to enroll into AIP will receive a $75.00 tuition discount (see Administration for details).

Military Discounts

AIP offers Military Families a 10% discount for tuition only. Students that qualify for the military discount must have a parent that is Active, Reserve, or a Veteran with a current Military ID.  Valid ID must be presented to AIP and uploaded onto the student's profile. Military discounts may not  be combined with any other discount and is calculated at the meal plan rate for each student.

Outside Vendor Tuition Assistance Programs

AIP accepts a wide variety of outside vendor tuition assistance and scholarship programs. Please call our administrative office to verify if your tuition assistance or scholarship program is accepted. Award totals are spread across the 10 month AIP tuition and annual fees payment schedule, if applicable. Families are responsible for the remainder monthly balance once awards have been applied to their student's account, if applicable. Balances must be paid before the 20th of each month. Families must present award letters, to AIP, and upload award letters unto their student's profile. AIP will not dispute award payments with outside vendors. If a dispute arises, with an award, families will be responsible for the current tuition payment until the award dispute has been settled. 

Financial AID Packages

 AIP offers financial aid packages for interested families. Financial aid awards are given once a year and are contingent upon application completion, family income, and AIP's overall award threshold.  Financial aid is deducted from the baseline tuition cost. After the deduction is made, all other applicable fees are applied. Fees are not awarded financial aid deductions. Yearly application time periods will be announced. 

Tuition Payment Plans 

For those parents desiring, we have  two installment plan options available. 

  • *7% Discount 2 Installments (1st payment due July) (2nd Payment due December)

  • 10 Installments (1st  payment due July)

Tuition is due beginning July 20th and is due monthly on the 20th through April.

Tuition paid after the 20th will incur a $25.00 late fee.

 Care Programs 

Morning Care (6:45am-7:15am):

Weekly Rate $25.00 

Daily Rate $5.00

After School Care (3:31pm-5:30pm):

Weekly Rate $50.00

Daily Rate  $10.00 (1st child)

                    $8.00 (each additional sibling)

*All Care Program payments are due each week on Friday by 5:30pm. 

*Students picked up from after care after 5:30pm will incur an automatic $25.00 late charge which is due upon arrival.

Brain Break Program

An important aspect of  AIP's academic day are Brain Breaks. Brain Breaks, much like adult work breaks, are an opportunity for students to visit their Elementary or Middle School Cafe to have a snack and relax. Students are offered a variety of snack options within their designated cafe. Each student's account will be charge $4 monthly for participation in the Brain Break Program. The Brain Break Program is an automatic enrollment for all students.

Meal Cost

Students not enrolled in an AIP tuition package with a meal plan will be charged a daily rate, to their account, when a meal is required. AIP, by state law, is obligated to provide students with a meal if requested. Rates are as follows:

Breakfast: $2

Lunch: $4

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